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Hyundai ix35 Engine & Hyundai ix45 Engine

We are Licenced Mechanical Workshop

Guaranteed Most Experienced Hyundai iMax Engine Specialist in Victoria
Urgent 24 Hour Replacement Service Available

Fast Supply, Re-Conditioned,
Repair & Fit Of Hyundai ix35 and ix45 Engines
30,000 km or 6 Months Warranty
OVER 300+ ix35 & ix45

G4KE, G4KJ,, G4NC Hyundai imax 35 and ix45
Prices From:   

Rubuild $3800 Changeover/Supply or $4800 Supply/Fitted/Tuned
Brand New $4800 Changeover/Supply or $5800 Supply/Fitted/Tuned

all prices EX GST

  • please note transport or delivery to and from is not included in the warranty provided


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Hyundai ix35 & ix45
Engine Parts For Sale



We do all Engine Parts

Hyundai i40 (Models G4NC, G4KE And G4KJ )
Hyundai ix35 Santa FE (Models G4NC, G4KE And G4KJ)
Hyundai Tuscon(Models G4NC, G4KE And G4KJ )
Hyundai iLoad (Models G4KG Petrol and D4CB Diesel Engines)

Hyundai ix35 & ix45 Engine Specialist Services


State Of The Art Technology & Experience


By Hyundai ix35 & ix45 Engine Specialist with over 30 years of mechanical experience


We supply our engines with a warranty and shipped to your door.

About ix35 and ix45 Engines

Hyundai iMax engine vehicles are recognized for providing a great driving positive experience, whether you drive a Santa Fe, Tuscon, or Kona. The ix35 and ix45 also have a strong safety record and active safety system, with a five-star ANCAP rating. Through reconditioning the engine control unit, we enable a longer lifespan on every ix35 and ix45 engine. Hyundai iMax also does a repair on rear seats, Slide sunroof, air-conditioning controls and other car/vehicle problems.

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Hyundai ix35 and ix45 Problems

As the years go by, our engines age. This is usually the primary factor that contributes to all sorts of engine issues. The best way to upkeep the quality of your engine is by routinely servicing the engine and changing the oil or diesel engine, either way though, every maximum engine performance has a time limit when it begins to age. The good news is that most of these problems can be fixed with a re-conditioned engine.

Fully Licenced Mechanics Specialising in Hyundai ix35 and ix45 Reconditioned Engines

Hyundai’s renowned for having amazing driving experience, whether you own the Hyundai ix35 or Hyundai ix45; you’ll be backed up by our service and care. If your Hyundai iMax N engine has been struggling; you’re probably thinking is time for a new car. However, this isn’t your only choice, and we can help with that. Buying an entirely new car can be a reasonable choice, but it’s also an expensive choice. Our reconditioned engines offer you an affordable yet reliable option to service your car’s needs.

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Built to Last

Our engine reconditions are of the highest quality. They will last you tens of thousands of kilometres. Your most reliable and road cost-effective choice for engine repair is to choose to replace your current engine with a reconditioned engine. Opting for our engines will get you better gas mileage and emit fewer pollutants than continuing to drive with a worn-out engine.

Rebuilt Engines Offer Drivers Eco-Friendly Choice

A reconditioned engine not only reuses and recycles an engine, but it eliminates the energy needed to process discarded car engines and commercial vehicles as well as conserves energy and resources required to manufacture new engines. If you’re an environmentally conscious person, choosing to opt for a reconditioned engine could be one of the most eco-friendly options to make.

Cost Effective

Our reconditioned engines can give you big savings. A reconditioning engine is an engine that has been stripped down, cleaned, repaired, and possibly reworked before being put back into service. It is much more cost-effective to use a reconditioned engine rather than buying a brand-new engine because it could necessitate spending much more than you bargained for.


Our warranty agreement means you can drive away with a brand-new reconditioned engine with peace of mind. We offer a 30,000 km or 6 months warranty with your supply, so if you are unhappy for whatever reason, you can contact us regarding your warranty, and we will help you out.

Deliver Australia Wide

Hyundai iMax can supply your reconditioned engine Australia-wide. We have a network of mechanics that are fully licensed to service Hyundai ix35 and ix45 engines in Dandenong South, Victoria. We will work with you to find a time and place that is convenient for you to get your car serviced.

Why Choose Us

We are an Australian-owned and operated company, providing a wide range of Hyundai iMax reconditioned engines. We have a team of expert mechanics who have the skills from simpler tasks to hard ones. and the knowledge to properly recondition and fit ix35 and ix45 engines. With over 300+ engines in stock, we are your one-stop-shop for all your Hyundai engine needs. We also offer a fast supply and delivery service Australia-wide.

Our Promise & Guarantee

hyundai ix35 engine

We Understand the importance of keeping you on the road, all our engines are re-conditioned and repaired with extreme care and high end experience.

We move with the trends and times and are constantly updating our price list to ensure you that we are offering the best deal when it comes to our services and supply to make us the ultimate Hyundai iLoad Engine Specialist for you.

Our Team is available for you and ready to solve your problems fast with the state of art technologies we are equipped with in regards to the workshop and office, we are ready to provide you with fast turnaround times.

We supply individual to commercial clients such as fleets, car yards, couriers, rental businesses, smash repairs mechanics you name it , anyone that needs an Hyundai iLoad engine, We are your one stop shop.

What People Say About Us

Tibor is a fine mechanic and we have been using his services for all our Hyundai iLoad repairs, love his work!
Sumeer Rasheed
Sydney, NSW
Used this company to fix my service van, fast and guaranteed work, peace of mind company, happy with the works provided.
Paul Flynn
Dandenong, VIC
Hyundai iLoad Engine specialist are a fantastic team to deal with there products are are A Grade and we will continue to use them.
SRS Smash Repiars
Sydney, NSW
Excellent workmanship, they were able to provide me with a Hyundai iLoad engine fast and we were very pleased with the quality of the engine. Most recommended.
Steven Vardy

FAQs about the Hyundai ix35 and ix45 engine

The best price on high-quality oil for the ix35 engine is Helix Ultra 5W-30. It’s for people who desire the highest degree of engine maintenance.

Engine noises are frequently a sign of ignition, fuel, faulty tuning, and more. Because some noises may indicate serious difficulties, it is critical to get an expert opinion.

These engines are very safe and have a 5-star ANCAP rating. It’ll last you for tens of thousands of kilometres, meaning they are very reliable.

The Hyundai ix35 Engine is only $3,800 plus GST for supply.

Supply and fitting with changeover for the ix35 is $4,900 plus GST.

The Hyundai ix45 Engine is only $3800 plus GST for supply.

Supply and fitting with changeover for the ix45 is $4,900 plus GST.

A reconditioned engine is an engine that has been stripped or disassembled, cleaned, and may have some damaged parts replaced before being rebuilt. It is much more cost-effective to use a reconditioned engine rather than buying a brand-new engine.

A reconditioned engine is just as reliable as a brand new one. We take the time to care for every intricate detail on the engine to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. These types of engines are very reliable and worth investing in.

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