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30,000 km or 6 Months Warranty

  • please note transport or delivery to and from is not included in the warranty provided

Hyundai iload D4CB Diesel 2.5L
Prices From: $3800 Changeover/Supply or $4800 Supply/Fitted/Tuned


Hyundai iload G4KG Petrol: 2.4L

Prices from:$3600 Changeover/Supply or $4600 Supply/Fitted/Tuned

all prices EX GST

Brand New Factory Hyundai iload Engines G4KJ, G4KE, G4NC, G4KD 

Prices from:$4700 Changeover/Supply or $5700 Supply/Fitted/Tuned

all prices EX GST

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Hyundai iLoad
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Hyundai iLoad Engine Specialist Services


State Of The Art Technology & Experience


By Hyundai iLoad Engine Specialist with over 30 years of mechanical experience


We supply our engines with a warranty and shipped to your door.

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About iLoad Engines

For the last forty years, we have been proud to operate in the Australian automotive industry, offering the part supply, engine install, and iMax engine rebuild services to the most selling mid-engine size vans Hyundai iLoad Engines and iLoad Max. Our mission is to provide high-quality service to our customers. We’re located in Dandenongs, VIC. Not just iLoad owners across Victoria but, we’ve also assisted mechanics with engine repairs.

We strive to provide quality work within an efficient timeframe. Our staff members are highly trained experts who specialize in their field. They take pride in delivering results that meet high standards of quality. We make sure that every job we take on for our customers is done to the best possible standards. No matter how big or small the job may be, we offer a full guarantee for six months or 20,000 km, whichever comes first. So you can concentrate on growing your business without having to worry about your vehicle.

With fully equipped workshops, qualified technicians, and decades of experience, we’re able to identify engine problems very quickly!

Contact Hyundai iLoad engine Specialists today for Hyundai iLoad and iMax engine repairs for you to have peace of mind. Click here to check out our Facebook page.

Our Promise & Guarantee

Image presents Hyundai iLoad Engines

We Understand the importance of keeping you on the road, all our engines are re-conditioned and repaired with extreme care and high end experience.

We move with the trends and times and are constantly updating our price list to ensure you that we are offering the best deal when it comes to our services and supply to make us the ultimate Hyundai iLoad Engine Specialist for you.

Our Team is available for you and ready to solve your problems fast with the state of art technologies we are equipped with in regards to the workshop and office, we are ready to provide you with fast turnaround times.

We supply individual to commercial clients such as fleets, car yards, couriers, rental businesses, smash repairs mechanics you name it , anyone that needs an Hyundai iLoad engine, We are your one stop shop.

What People Say About Us

Tibor is a fine mechanic and we have been using his services for all our Hyundai iLoad repairs, love his work!
Sumeer Rasheed
Sydney, NSW
Used this company to fix my service van, fast and guaranteed work, peace of mind company, happy with the works provided.
Paul Flynn
Dandenong, VIC
Hyundai iLoad Engine specialist are a fantastic team to deal with there products are are A Grade and we will continue to use them.
SRS Smash Repiars
Sydney, NSW
Excellent workmanship, they were able to provide me with a Hyundai iLoad engine fast and we were very pleased with the quality of the engine. Most recommended.
Steven Vardy
Image presents Hyundai iLoad Engines

Hyundai iLoad

Hyundai’s iLoad is one of the best diesel vans that looks sleek and is the best performance-wise as well. The van provides maximum space for you and looks good at home, at job sites, or in city traffic.

The iLoad is sure to be a good look for your business With a semi-bonneted front end (so you’re never sitting above a revved diesel engine), squared-up halogen headlights, groovy wheel arches (for just a touch of style), no-nonsense steering wheels, and a low solid stance. When you are filled up or full, there is a wealth of pulling power. A study done over the vehicle reveals that this beast can have almost 350 kilograms of weight on board.

Hyundai iLoad Engine Problems

A lot of people do not realize the right time to change their engine. Engine problems can range from making noise to leaking fuel. The problems are dedicated to some extent if you regularly service your engine.

However, there are a few things that you cannot neglect. Engine age is one of the major factors. If you see symptoms like engine noises, engine stalls, engine lacking power, engine heavy vibration,  leaking oil, bad glow plugs, excessive smoke or even white smoke, please contact an authorized service provider asap. As it might be a serious underlying problem.

Hyundai’s diesel engine is regarded as one of the best in the market. A regular service, every ten thousand km is recommended, and changing the engine oils frequently can keep you away from most of the problems. We recommend reading this blog about car maintenance that is very helpful to all car owners out there.

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iLoad Reconditioned Engine

A reconditioned engine also referred to as a refurbished engine, is an engine that has undergone substantial repairs to return the worn engine to “as-new” condition and allow it to be used for another full-service life.

Why buy reconditioned engines?

It is an unusual fact, but the reconditioned engine is the primary choice of a lot of our customers from Victoria and New South Wales.

Reconditioned Engines give you control over the road cost factors. Unlike any other electronics kinds of stuff, reconditioned engines can be promising as new ones.

Hyundai iLoad Engine FAQ's

Castrol engine oil is the preferred iLoad Engine oil. They give the maximum engine performance and also increases the engine’s life. Please click here to know more about Castrol engine oil for iLoad Engines.

Hyundai iLoad is a cheap van to buy and relatively cheap to run. It is really recommended for businesses and it comes with a 100K miles guarantee by a few providers as well.

The engine noises are usually problem with ignition, using wrong fuels, poorly tuned engines and more. It is recommended to visit a mechanic to find the exact problem in detail as some noises can indicate serious problems.

A reconditioned engine also referred to as a refurbished engine, is an engine that has undergone substantial repairs to return the worn engine to “as-new” condition and allow it to be used for another full-service life.

Yes! We are iLoad Engine Specialist providing services on Victoria and NSW. We do fast supply deliveries and fit outs as well.

to ensure you get the promised long-life out of the iLoad/iMax. If that’s the case, you can expect to hit 300,000km without any major issues

The newer 1.6 CRDi engines (after 2010) are considered free of serious failures, there are also no major problems with the operation of the DPF, and one of the more frequent problems is a clogged filter in the tank (bio-additive effect)

Reconditioned Engines gives you control over the cost factors. Unlike any other electronics kinds of stuff, reconditioned engines can be promising as a new one. 

A timing chain or belts on a Hyundai iLoad/iMax make sure the crankshafts and cams are in time and the valve openings and closings are at the exact same moment to coincide with the cylinders’ combustion. Timing chains will typically outlast timing belts.

Speak to us regarding our prices as we offer the best prices . 

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